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Tape Loop Instruction 

This is a video showing how to make a tape loop. It has been viewed over 80,000 times on YouTube. I love that video has become such an integrated part of transferring folk knowledge, especially in the realm of experimental and media based art.

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Experiencing the digital through the analog. 

James Bridle's publication of a 12 volume set chronicling every edit made on the Iraq War Wikipedia entry has been making the rounds this week. I was moved by this project not only for the author's intent but for what it symbolizes about how data and facts exist in our online lives. Bridle positions the …

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Time Stand Still 

I may refer to this Summer as 'The Slow Summer'. I seem to be inundated with a variety of media and music that relies on the slowing down of a piece of media and sampling it into infinity. Dan Lopatin's piece 'Time Stand Still' is one of may favorites. He also records as Oneohtrix Point …

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I have been following the work of Zimoun and Pe Lang for a few years now. I find their sound sculptures to be some of the most well designed pieces of sound art I have ever seen. The attention to design and the subtlety of the materials and generated sounds differ from "grungier" works employing …

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