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Antlers Wifi 

One of my favorite image sites, Antlers WIFI, is back online, the images are of a different sort now and they do not have accompanying music. Still fantastic though.

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Tape Loop Instruction 

This is a video showing how to make a tape loop. It has been viewed over 80,000 times on YouTube. I love that video has become such an integrated part of transferring folk knowledge, especially in the realm of experimental and media based art.

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Experiencing the digital through the analog. 

James Bridle's publication of a 12 volume set chronicling every edit made on the Iraq War Wikipedia entry has been making the rounds this week. I was moved by this project not only for the author's intent but for what it symbolizes about how data and facts exist in our online lives. Bridle positions the …

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Time Stand Still 

I may refer to this Summer as 'The Slow Summer'. I seem to be inundated with a variety of media and music that relies on the slowing down of a piece of media and sampling it into infinity. Dan Lopatin's piece 'Time Stand Still' is one of may favorites. He also records as Oneohtrix Point …

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Blogs as archives of identity, past-selves. 

I have had a handful of blogs in my life. Some of which are gone forever, since they were self hosted and I destroyed them. There are two, however, that still exist by being hosted by blogger and Tumblr. The first blog,  It's Not About You It's About Us was my very first foray …

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Understanding The Web 

Ben Ward has written one of the better essays I have read about understanding what the web is and what tools made for the web should do. I encourage reading the entire post but wanted to highlight this almost blatantly obvious, yet wonderful still, quote: Want to know if your ‘HTML application’ is part of …

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